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We are a Special Metals Distributor and Exporter. We specialize in all hard to find grades, thickness and sizes of: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, alloys, copper, brass and galvanized material.

BEMEX INTERNATIONAL LLC opened to business in the year 2002. Since our beginning, our company has experienced a constant growth which reflects in our customer satisfaction.

Our strong relationship with different manufacturers allows us to offer you materials that are difficult to find in your country. In recent years we have gained experience to serve the international market, especially the United States and Latin America.





In the import and export steel market; with direct contact with US steel manufacturers.


  • Specialize in hard to find steel.

  • Quality materials.

  • Personalize Service.

  • The best delivery time with stock material and by hiring trustworthy freight companies.

  • Competitive prices.

  • Quick supply of exporting documents.

  • Less damage materials (deliver in wooden boxes if required by client).

  • Find how to facilitate our client’s way of doing business with us.

  • Have a healthy relationship with our clients.

  • Find our customer’s satisfaction over everything else.

  • Invest to grow.

  • Know our business better than anybody else.


Since 2002 we have been in the process of importing and exporting metals, operating directly with metallurgical companies in the United States.

Our strong relationship with steel manufacturers allows us to offer difficult to find steel products.
Throughout these years we have acquired enough experience to meet our international market requirements; especially the US and Latin American markets.


1219 N San Jacinto,
San Antonio, Texas 78207

+1 713 - 589 - 4826

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